February 27, 2014


 Agenda, Agenda, Agenda, oh where to begin. First of all Long Beach Agenda and Vegas Agenda are two totally different vibes. Everyone is in full work mode in Long Beach but Vegas vibes are a lot more laid back. That's usually because deadlines were due the week before so everyone came out to dot the I's and basically hang out. 
          Ron, Irene and I drove up Sunday night. Amazingly we hit no traffic and got in , in about 3 hours. Since Irene and I are fat and lazy we stayed in ordered room service and rented The Heat. It was a  great movie by the way. 

Day 1-Primitive booth had a prime location but sadly it was slow that first day, really slow. 

Irene + 10 Deep = FU


GPEN kinda took it tho, they put in a whole putt putt course along side having a booth. Best part was that they tracked every ones score and played it on screens through out the trade show. 
MACKY is the man.

3 very very special, amazing, wonderful humans.
Gabe, Rio , Jeron

B and 

omg, its Van Styles!

That first night I met up with my girl Alysha and some how ended up at Pallaminos (an awesome strip club) for the Huf X Gpen party! 
Thanks G.P.P.R for the button down! 

Day 2- Feelin ok.

Ben Baller and I. Crazy i've known dude for over 5 years, and yes... he has always been a baller. 

Trillest dudes out. 

Got to meet and hang with the beauties from Married to the Mob

My coworkers are better than yours. 
Ron, Robert, Reenie 

Tee by HellzBellz

Night 2-I went to 1Oak with the gang and saw NAS rap a verse. It was sick. 

Day 3- Ouch

Thank you Andy for not only being an amazing brother to me these last 10+ years but for also showing me that you can do what ever the fuck you want to as long as you work hard, are good people and appreciate all. You're a true inspiration and I'm blessed to call you a friend. 

Drove home at 11pm that night. 
Bye Vegas, see you soon.

Stay Gold, T

February 26, 2014

Super Bowl: if you even want to call if that

All and all Super Bowl was a huge let down. I could of handled losing, but that was just sad. Good news is I was surround by amazing people which made up for it , and I also made tons of food. 

It was my first time attempting jalapeno poppers and I honestly have to pat myself on the back... they where fantastic.

Thank you to everyone made that horrible game and amazing day.

Stay Gold,T

January 24, 2014


Shot by Robert Fabros 

January 16, 2014

Agenda LBC 2014: REPRESENT

            Once again Agenda Long Beach came and went. The huge difference this year was that Glassy had it's very first booth! I couldn't be more proud of Mike and Vince. Glassy Sunhaters has grown so much in these few 2 years! I can't wait to see what the future holds for these two brilliant CEOs!

The turn out was amazing and the booth looked great!!

 Another booth that turned heads was the REBEL 8 booth. I've know Josh for a few years now, I was lucky enough to be on an R8 tee a few years ago. Josh is just one of those brilliant souls that can create things the average person can't begin to imagine. For example... 

Behold the Rebel 8 booth. 
Yep, Josh put together a cop car and had Giant , Giant all over it. Jaw dropping or what?
These two geniuses killed it.
Josh and Mike Giant

Another company on the rise and rising fast is RIP N DIP ! Ryan is just an awesome skater kid from Florida that has turned kitties into the new fashion must have! Not only is the whole line looking amazing. The booth was beyond this world! 
Yes Ryan, you are "out here" 

Just like every trade show, you work, walk around , you drink and you party. It was great. 
Thanks for the hospitality Long Beach. 

Stay Gold, T