October 6, 2014

Behind the League

So we are going to assume by now you all know what Street League Skateboarding is. By merely watching one of their live televised events one wouldn't be able to see that this isn't the WWE, nor is it some evil corporations attempt to commodify skateboarding. At the center of Street League is the same heart that beats at the core of every skate shop and skate company. The CEO is a 20-year veteran pro skater, the president can be caught skating the Santa Monica courthouse in his off hours and even some of the female employees that don't skate could easily tell you the difference between a kickflip and a tre flip. This all helps to paint the greater picture that SLS is working hard with the right formula to bring competitive street skateboarding into the limelight.  Let us pop the hood on the SLS offices and introduce you to the team.

Brian Atlas
New Jersey
Brian was originally hired to just write the business plan in the early phase of the league, Rob had no knowledge that Brian held a business degree from USC on top of being a more than fit skater. After many months refining the business plan and overall vision with Rob, Brian was hired to be the first employee of the Street League and the rest is history.

Also having tentacles that extend into carrying the torch of the now SLS Foundation (Formerly the Dyrdek Foundation) which builds skate plazas all throughout the country to spread participation in skateboarding. After all is said and done he still believes there is nothing more exciting to him than when it comes down to skaters battling for the final trick at an SLS contest that could totally change the outcome of the whole event.

Molly Magnifico
Senior Marketing Director
A 10 year vet of the skate industry, she got her early stripes in actions sports working on GvR and Maloof Money Cup before heading to Zumiez in Seattle where she handled their partnerships, including their SLS partnership starting in 2010, which is how she met Atlas.
Some of her fonder memories may be from the chaos that has taken place at SLS, but she gets the most pleasure from creating it these days. Beyond the obvious, Molly says the real reward comes in knowing that SLS and the SLS Foundation are bringing a bigger awareness to the culture of skateboarding and putting more skateboards in kids hands everyday. She may shy away from titles, but after sitting down with her it's clear she is the HBIC of SLS.

Daniel Duarte
Director of Content
The Dirty I.E.
Approaching the end of his rookie year at SLS after leaving the Berrics as their content director, he has always had a small hand in SLS since the beginning via initial consulting calls from Atlas. Duarte is what you would call a skateboarding renaissance man having never been truly employed outside of the skate industry.

Kaitlyn Banchero
Director of Partnership
Bay Area  

Kaitlyn doesn’t only have looks that could kill she also has work ethics to match. She has been with the league since the begining (2010). This hard working Bay Area beauty is another fact in the on going and up coming success Street League has in store. Molly and Kaitlyn are here to conquer… step aside boys.

Mark Johnston
Graphic Designer

Skater out of Arizona, Mark found his dream position over at the SLS offices and is now approaching his 2nd year at SLS. Mark is being modest I bet – he is the visual ninja at SLS and makes sure to keep the brand consistent and premium while working hard to always find ways to elevate the pros and skateboarding.

Christine Barbara
Marketing Coordinator
The adorably shy Christine is one of the newest faces over at Street League. Coming to us from the east coast and studying at San Diego State where she landed an internship with TransWorld, this now 5 year CA veteran is making her mark!

Ryan Ward
Kansas City
Site Manager
Team player Ryan Ward from the good ol Kansas City told us all about how he enjoys the chaos of working in skate industry..Coming to SLS from his 3 years over at the Berrics he’s glad to be back in LA after a hiatus back in KC for a short stint.

Richie Valdez & David Serrano
Content Manager  Digital Image Tech

David Serrano and Richie Valdez are our other Cali locales. David, the digital image tech or DIT as he likes to call it, doesn’t only handle all the footy dumped his way but he’s also skating the streets on his down time.
Richie Valdez has been a part of Street League for 3 years now. This SLS veteran doesn't only run the show, but he also has a lot of fire in him. Openly acknowledging that he could beat up Atlas and Duarte, Richie is still a big kid playing pranks, having fun and gets everything done.

Huge Thank You to everyone at the Street League offices for taking the time to show us around.

October 2, 2014

Sunset Strip Music Festival

Last weekend West Hollywood hosted the 7th annual Sunset Strip Music festival. Over 70 bands shutting down the boulevard from Doheny to San Vincente.  The  LA rockers, beat junkies, dj heads and rap enthusiastic came out to have a finger in this 2 day festival.  With headliners such as Jane's Addiction , Bun B & Dj Quik, Mayer Hawthorne and Empire of the Sun this festival met all the requirements of a good time. Keeping venues open such as the Whiskey and The Roxy this lively filled festival brought out a hugely diverse mob. Not to mention the food selection went perfectly with their sponsors Jack Daniels and Coke-a-Cola.

Young Buck.

Victor Aceves, aka “Bucky,” is a 16-year-old skate rat born and raised in the San Fernando Valley who's made himself very comfortable here at Primitive Apparel as of late. After being taken under our founder Andy’s wing, Bucky's making his mark in the skate world. With a range of influences like Heath Kirchart, Taylor Smith and Blake Carpenter, you could say he’s anything but boring. Hitting the streets armed with just a filmer, his buck style and fearless attitude, he lives up to his nickname. Keep a look out for what is next from this kid.

February 27, 2014


 Agenda, Agenda, Agenda, oh where to begin. First of all Long Beach Agenda and Vegas Agenda are two totally different vibes. Everyone is in full work mode in Long Beach but Vegas vibes are a lot more laid back. That's usually because deadlines were due the week before so everyone came out to dot the I's and basically hang out. 
          Ron, Irene and I drove up Sunday night. Amazingly we hit no traffic and got in , in about 3 hours. Since Irene and I are fat and lazy we stayed in ordered room service and rented The Heat. It was a  great movie by the way. 

Day 1-Primitive booth had a prime location but sadly it was slow that first day, really slow. 

Irene + 10 Deep = FU


GPEN kinda took it tho, they put in a whole putt putt course along side having a booth. Best part was that they tracked every ones score and played it on screens through out the trade show. 
MACKY is the man.

3 very very special, amazing, wonderful humans.
Gabe, Rio , Jeron

B and 

omg, its Van Styles!

That first night I met up with my girl Alysha and some how ended up at Pallaminos (an awesome strip club) for the Huf X Gpen party! 
Thanks G.P.P.R for the button down! 

Day 2- Feelin ok.

Ben Baller and I. Crazy i've known dude for over 5 years, and yes... he has always been a baller. 

Trillest dudes out. 

Got to meet and hang with the beauties from Married to the Mob

My coworkers are better than yours. 
Ron, Robert, Reenie 

Tee by HellzBellz

Night 2-I went to 1Oak with the gang and saw NAS rap a verse. It was sick. 

Day 3- Ouch

Thank you Andy for not only being an amazing brother to me these last 10+ years but for also showing me that you can do what ever the fuck you want to as long as you work hard, are good people and appreciate all. You're a true inspiration and I'm blessed to call you a friend. 

Drove home at 11pm that night. 
Bye Vegas, see you soon.

Stay Gold, T